Clinton: Obama plan could create up to 2M jobs

Former President Bill Clinton (D) urged quick action on Obama’s jobs bill and criticized what he termed a “huge disconnect” between Washington politics and the state of the economy.

"If we adopt the plan the president outlined it will create between one and a half and two percent increase in GDP growth,” Clinton predicted Sunday on ABC’s “This Week.” He added that Obama’s proposals would likely lead to 1.3 million to 2 million new jobs.

Clinton said that the president’s bill was the best option on the table for lawmakers. “We can’t do much better than that right now,” said Clinton.  In particular he praised the plan for “lowering payroll taxes” which would “make it more attractive for [businesses] to hire new people.”

On Sept. 20th, the former president will host the annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative where business and political leaders convene to discuss world affairs.

This year's conference will focus on solutions for the nation's high unemployment rate.