Chelsea Clinton interviews mom on global issues

Chelsea Clinton, who is known for staying out of the spotlight, took to the stage with her mom, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, at the Clinton Global Initiative conference Thursday.

She pressed her on global issues and also took the opportunity to jokingly chide her parents on their lack of technological savvy.

"As your daughter I remember when I helped you send your first text message," Chelsea said.

"That wasn't very long ago I have to tell you," responded her mom.

"My father still refers to the internet as the World Wide Web," added Chelsea.

Former President Bill Clinton joked with his family on stage as well. He introduced his wife and daughter, saying "I want to introduce what until 14 months ago was two thirds of my family, when I acquired a son-in-law who is also here and I want to thank him for giving me even odds for the first time in three decades."

The former president was referring to Chelsea's husband, Marc Mezvinsky. The two were married last summer in a highly publicized event.