Perry: 'There is no homeland security without border security'

Texas Governor Rick Perry (R) stressed the need to secure the U.S. border on Friday at the Value Voters Summit.

“There is no homeland security without border security,” Perry said. “Make no mistake about it: what we are seeing south of our border is nothing short a of a war being waged by these narco-terrorists."    

Perry’s speech at the conservative conference came on the same day that his rival for the Republican nomination, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, delivered his foreign policy plan

The Texas Governor also waded into other issues such as abortion and taxes.  

On the economy, Perry highlighted tax policy, saying, “Liberals are pointing the finger of blame at successful employers under the guise of fairness, but when they utter phrases like 'fair share' you just know they're playing fast and furious with the truth. The truth is you can't rev up the engine of the economic growth by heaping higher taxes on job creators.”
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