DNC ad blames GOP for 'delay' of jobs bill in Congress

The DNC released a new television ad Thursday telling Coloradans that the American Jobs Act will help put them back to work. 

The ad, titled "Colorado Get to Work" is targeted at Spanish-speaking voters and paints the GOP as keeping people in the state out of work. “Republicans continue with the political games,” one of the graphics reads. 

Also in the ad, President Obama is seen at an event in Texas calling on Congress to pass his jobs bill.

Here’s an English translation of the narration:

“President Barack Obama’s plan will put Colorado to work: teachers in classrooms, construction jobs, money in pockets of working families but the Republicans say ‘no,’ they [would] rather politically hurt President Obama than fight for Colorado jobs. Congress, enough with delays, approve the jobs plan.  The Democrat National Convention is responsible for the Content of this ad."