Bachmann: ObamaCare supporters are 'geniuses'

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) said ObamaCare was never going to work from the get-go, and dubbed lawmakers who’ve supported it “geniuses.”

“The system was never going to work and these geniuses here in Washington, D.C. who decided Obamacare was a great deal, they didn't figure on something called human nature,” Bachmann said on Fox News’ “On the Record” Tuesday night.

During the interview, Bachmann was asked if young Americans were faced with the choice of an iPhone versus health insurance, which would they select?

“You buy the iPhone…are you kidding me? Of course they will,” she replied. 

Asked if Bachmann knows anyone who’d buy the insurance instead, she said, “Who in their right mind would buy it? Okay well flip a coin. I could pay a $95 penalty or get my iPhone? I'm getting my iPhone because I don't think they see the reality of paying a penalty anyway if they are ever going to have to do it.” 

Young people would rather go to Fort Lauderdale over spring break, buy the iPhone, and have Internet access and a frappe at Starbucks, she said. 

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