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Rep. Hall to Sebelius: 'I thought I saw you on a tricycle'

Rep. Ralph Hall (R-Texas) played a game of “don’t I know you from somewhere?” with Kathleen Sebelius when the Health and Human Services secretary testified Wednesday before the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

The 90-year-old lawmaker, the oldest serving member of Congress, took a break from grilling Sebelius to ask the former Kansas governor, “Were you born in Meade, Kansas?”

“I was not,” Sebelius replied, saying, “I was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. I married a Kansan and went to Kansas.”

“I was in the third grade there, and I thought I saw you on a tricycle there one day,” Hall explained to a hearty laugh from Sebelius.

“Well, it was an illusion,” Sebelius, 65, responded.