Late-night smash: O-Care, Christie jabs

Late-night host Jay Leno on Thursday took shots at President Obama's promise that Americans could keep their current healthcare plans and also roasted reelected New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) for his weight.

Leno noted the website still says Americans can keep their current healthcare plans, which he said was simply not true.

"The White House said today that they're trying to change it, they just can't log on," Leno joked.

The late night star then turned his attention to Christie, and joked that it was the best week ever for him. Not only was Christie reelected, but Lay's announced they are making chocolate-covered potato chips, Leno joked.

Leno also poked fun at a TIME magazine cover featuring a silhouette of Christie and the headline, "The Elephant in the Room."

"That's the real issue," Leno said in disbelief. "It's kind of jab [at Christie's weight]."

But Leno said TIME could have picked harsher headlines, and suggested a few of his own. The "Tonight Show" host highlighted, "Chris Christie: Having a Whale of a Time," "Between a Rock and a Lard Place" and "Hail to the Chef" as more offensive phrases.