Cheney sides with Clinton on O-Care

Former Vice President Cheney on Tuesday said he agrees with former President Clinton’s comments that the Obama administration should consider changing the healthcare reform law in order to keep its commitment that people who like their health insurance plans can keep them.

But Cheney was quick point out that millions of policies have already ended, and it would be nearly impossible to get them back. He argued that that is another example showing the healthcare law should be replaced.

“I’m inclined to agree with Bill Clinton — that that’s something that ought to be attempted. But given the complexity of the system, you’ve already got people now who have lost their policies, who can’t get new ones,” Cheney said on Fox News.

“These policies have been declared by law to be inadequate because of the standards that are written into the federal regulations. I’m not quite sure how now you go peel back that onion.”

The White House on Tuesday said President Obama agrees with Clinton as well.

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