SNL's presidential depression drug

"Saturday Night Live" parodied television drug ads and President Obama with a video that showed Obama overcoming his second-term depression with "Paxil."

"It feels like even your friends have turned against you," a narrator said as a bogus Obama watched former President Clinton bash the Affordable Care Act on television.

But after a few pills, you will feel like you are back in 2008 giving speeches to adoring college crowds, or experiencing the highs of getting Osama bin Laden, the narrator said.

"You can turn those approval ratings upside down with Paxil," the narrator said as comedian Jay Pharoah as Obama looked at a skyrocketing poll highlighting Obama's approval of himself, rather than the public's approval of him.

The skit said the drug treats "a whole range of symptoms," including the Benghazi, IRS and NSA scandals, and of course, the fumbled ObamaCare rollout.

Touting its "second-term strength" abilities, Paxil is the only medicine strong enough to cure presidential depression, but it might come at a steep price.

"Paxil is not covered by ObamaCare," the skit warned. "We promised that it would be, but it's not, and for that, we apologize."