Krauthammer: Dems will rue vote

Fox News analyst Charles Krauthammer on Thursday said Democrats will eventually regret their vote to prevent Senate Republicans from filibustering any non-Supreme Court nominations once the GOP regains control of the Senate and the White House.

With a 52-48 vote Thursday, the Senate enacted a "nuclear option" that dramatically hindered the minority's ability to jam President Obama's nominations. Krauthammer said the move will backfire on Democrats when the GOP eventually takes control of both the Senate and the White House.

"Democrats will absolutely rue the day because they not only are going to allow a Republican majority, which will come one day anyway, but Chuck Grassley has said that when Republicans come into power, they're going to include Supreme Court nominees," he said on Fox News' "Special Report." "That will be a devastating blow to the liberals on the Court and to the liberals of the country.

Krauthammer suggested the Senate's nuclear option was retaliation for the criticism Democrats dealt with from the GOP for the fumbled rollout of ObamaCare.

"They do want to have the power to at least put some judges in because they are losing from all other elements of their agenda," he said. "But the Republicans will return the favor in the future."

Calling the move shortsighted, Krauthammer said the problems with high ObamaCare premiums and difficulties enrolling in the healthcare exchanges essentially overshadow any political victory of the Democrats for passing the nuclear option.

"[ObamaCare] is an avalanche, and this is not going to protect [Democrats] from the avalanche," he said. "It's a tent that will protect them for a day and a half. I don't think the Democrats will remember this day with joy in the near future."