Obama tours DreamWorks studio

President Obama is taking on a new role: the voice of a purple alien.

The commander in chief got a behind-the-scenes peek at movie-making on Tuesday during a tour of DreamWorks Animation studios in California, hosted by CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg.

Obama stopped in a recording studio, where actors Steve Martin and Jim Parsons were busy voicing parts for the upcoming film “Home.”

After getting a rundown of how voice recording happens before animation when creating a movie, Obama heard his own sounds in action.

The president watched a clip of his voice coming out of the mouth of an alien named Oh, according to a White House press pool report.

“Happy Thanksgiving, everybody. Welcome to the White House,” the POTUS-voiced alien said.

"That'll impress the girls," Obama cracked.

He was also heard jokingly complaining that the ears of the extraterrestrial stuck out.

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