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Gun control groups launch Newtown ad

Two major gun control groups have released a hard-hitting video ad calling for action one year after a gunman killed 26 people at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.

The ad shows elementary school children standing in a classroom as a clock ticks and scenes of people bowing their heads in silence.

“On Dec. 14, we’ll have a moment of silence for Newtown,” a narrator says as the clock continues to tick.

“But with 26 more school shootings since that day ... Ask yourself, is silence what America needs right now?" the narrator says. A figure dressed in black then drops a bag and enters a school building.

The 60-second ad concludes with the text: “Speak out now."

Moms Demand Action and Mayors Against Illegal Guns created the video. They also released a shorter 30-second version.

Moms Demand Action is leading a campaign to gather mothers in more than 35 states to honor the victims of last year’s mass shooting.

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