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Schumer: Senate likely to pass budget

It’s a “pretty safe bet” the Senate will pass the budget deal on Tuesday, said Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.).

“After what happened in the House, where so many Republicans voted for it, I think [Sen.] Mitch McConnell, the Republican leadership knows they can’t let it go down,” Schumer said Monday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe."

Few Senate Republicans have publicly supported the deal, and Senate Democratic Whip Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) on Sunday said he still doesn’t have enough votes to pass it. He said he expects three Democrats to defect.

Schumer, however, said he thinks most of his Democratic colleagues in the Senate will vote for the deal, which the House passed 332 to 94 last Thursday.

Schumer said Republicans will not risk another shutdown again, which tanked the GOP’s approval numbers in October.

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