O-Care adviser: 7M not a target

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White House adviser Phil Schiliro downplayed an earlier projection of 7 million 2014 ObamaCare sign-ups on Tuesday and said the administration was working hard to overcome problems with insurance applications.

The comments come ahead of Wednesday’s start date for insurance for those who signed up before Dec. 24, a deadline that had been extended.

In February, well before the technological problems that marred the rollout of the law, the Congressional Budget Office projected that 7 million people would enroll through the exchanges in 2014.

“That was never our target number,” Schiliro said Tuesday on MSNBC, pointing out it was from the CBO, not the administration.

“There’s no magic to the 7 million,” he added. “What there is magic to is that in the month of December a million Americans signed up for insurance.”

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