Walker keeps quiet on bridge scandal

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R), a potential 2016 presidential contender who stands to benefit if Gov. Chris Christie (R-N.J.) takes a hit from the George Washington Bridge scandal, declined to offer his take on the situation.

“Chris is someone I’ve worked with, a valued colleague. I don’t know enough about that situation to know what the impact’ll be,” he said when asked by a local ABC affiliate.

Walker’s in a tough spot with any news concerning Christie, as he’ll need his help as Republican Governors Association chairman to win what looks to be a tough reelection fight this year.

The two are friends, and have campaigned together and complimented each other before.

But Walker may be in the best position of all the potential 2016 Republican contenders if Christie loses his standing as the establishment favorite because of fallout surrounding the scandal.

Walker has many of the same credentials as Christie — executive experience, a strong gubernatorial record, proven bipartisan appeal — and now, considerably less baggage.

But he, like most 2016 contenders, is choosing to keep his powder dry on the issue to see how things play out. It’s unclear how much of a hit Christie will suffer from the situation going forward.

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