Gutfeld bashes PSA: Girls are bossy

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld said Tuesday that women are bossy, despite a campaign led by former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice that aims to end that stereotype.

In an ad featuring Rice and celebrities including singer Beyoncé and actresses Jane Lynch and Jennifer Garner, the word "bossy" is denounced because they say it discourages women from taking leadership. But Gutfeld voiced opposition to the ban because he said women are indeed bossy.

"When a woman demands that they want the word banned, aren't they proving a point [that] they're bossy?" Gutfeld said on Fox News's "The Five." "Assuming that girls need protection from a word perpetuates female weakness."

"It's better to teach them to say, 'damn right, I'm bossy, now carry my books home from school,' " he said. "And boys will do that, they like being bossed -- I know I did, and do."

Gutfeld said that other issues, like family breakdown, urban decay and gang violence, are more important to stop than using the word "bossy."

"The greatest [trait] of girls is their incessant need to tell you what to do," he said. "That need is what keeps men from destroying themselves."

He added that the pop culture stars in the ad should instead target the "toxicity of instant gratification" of their work that leads girls to engage in risky behavior.

"[But] now I'm being bossy," Gutfeld said.