Palin, Fallon mock Putin

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) teamed up with late-night host Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday to take jabs at Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Palin appeared on "The Tonight Show" in skit in which she talked with Putin, played by Fallon, over the phone about her prediction in 2008 that Russia would eventually invade Ukraine.

The phony Putin then asked Palin which country he should invade next, joking that she was very good at making predictions.

Palin said that the only advice she would give Putin is that he should immediately remove Russian troops from Ukraine.

"Hey Captain Buzzkill, it was a joke," Putin said. "But seriously, I could have used your predicting powers in our office's March Madness pool."

Palin also joked about her unconventional choices for her children's names. When the faux-Putin asked how Palin's bracket fared, she said he's doing fine and will be turning 6 this month.

The pair also joined to sing Pharrell Williams's hit song "Happy," but the fake Putin complained of hearing someone else on the line and feared that it could be the NSA.

The screen split into thirds, to reveal a phony President Obama closely listening into the phone call.

Palin also poked fun at Putin wrestling with a grizzly bear, and said that's why people, perhaps foolishly, see him as strong leader. Putin said he comes from strong genes, unlike Obama, who comes from "mom jeans."
Palin closed the segment by telling Fallon's Putin character that although he wrestled a bear, he's no match for "Mama Grizzly."

Watch the clip above.