Bill Clinton: Dems must 'suit up' in midterms

Former President Clinton said the No. 1 goal for Democrats should be increasing voting numbers in midterm elections.

Clinton struck a popular refrain Wednesday night on ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live,” reiterating a point President Obama has been making at fundraisers across the country.

"Then they wonder why nothing happens," Clinton said of Democrats. "The president and I have talked about this a lot — about how the No. 1 thing we got to do is get voting up in the non-presidential years."

Clinton noted that every member of Congress, a third of senators and many governors are elected in midterm elections.

He focused on lower-income, working people who tend to have trouble voting. "They'll show up in a presidential election and if their candidates wins, they think that's all they need to do," Clinton said. "So they don't show up in midterm."

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