A 'Veep' movie? It could happen

“Veep’s” Vice President Selina Meyer may some day be making the jump from the small screen to the big one. Armando Iannucci, the creator of the hit HBO political satire, says a movie version of the series “would be great.”

In a sitdown interview this week with The Hill, Iannucci said he’s game for an extended edition of the Julia Louis-Dreyfus-starring show: “I always thought it would be nice to do a slightly longer [version], not just look at the 30 minute, but maybe a 90 minute. But who knows, maybe for the last day of the campaign or something.”

The current season of “Veep” has Louis-Dreyfus’s character — who just starred in a “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”-style video spoof with Vice President Biden made for the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner — on the campaign trail while making a White House bid.

The Scottish writer says there’s no “big plan” for how long the Emmy Award-winning show, which was recently renewed for a fourth season on HBO, will continue. “There are fixed term limits in the Constitution, however we don’t have a big plan,” he said. “What we like to do is we have a plan for the season. And we know how that season is going to end. But we don’t really work out until we get through what will be the result of that end.”

Iannucci also revealed that there’s a chance that “Veep” might’ve turned out to be more like “Gov,” since he was initially considering making Louis Dreyfus’s character a governor or member of Congress before deciding on VP.

Saying he wanted to get the maximum number of locations and topics from Meyer’s political profession, Iannucci explained, “I thought maybe a congressional office might be slightly restricted to that district and this one relationship in D.C. So maybe a senator’s office, I thought governor, maybe. And then the idea of the vice president just popped up.”

The 50-year-old scribe said in real life, the role of the vice president has “more heft” than in years past. Iannucci added he thought it would be interesting “if we took a once-influential and successful senator who’s used to ordering people around, and suddenly they found themselves not quite being able to dictate the agenda, but being so close to power and yet faced with the restrictions about how near she could get to that power. I thought that was the beginning of a very fruitful dynamic, really.”