Rosen: Obama criticism of Ann Romney remark was just ‘politics’

Democratic political strategist Hilary Rosen said on Sunday that President Obama's criticism of her controversial comment about Ann Romney was just "politics."

Earlier this month, Rosen said the wife of the presumptive GOP presidential nominee is out of touch because she has "never worked a day in her life."

Republicans pounced on the comment, arguing it showed Democrats do not respect stay-at-home mothers.

Democrats quickly distanced themselves from Rosen's comment, and President Obama called it an "ill-advised statement by somebody on television."

On Sunday on "Meet the Press," NBC's David Gregory asked Rosen whether she was surprised by how quickly Obama and other Democrats criticized her.

"That was politics," Rosen said. "What I was surprised about, and this is something we should always learn and I'll always know, people don't know you."

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Rosen said the focus should be on Mitt Romney's policies, not her.

GOP Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (Wash.) noted that Rosen had already apologized for the comment.

"I think we've all made statements that we later regret," McMorris Rodgers said.

But she claimed the remark showed that Republicans are not waging a "war on women."

"It's been created by Democrats to distract Americans once again from the real issues," said McMorris Rodgers.

Rosen said she disliked the phrase "war on women," but said Republican-backed laws to curb abortion rights and restrict access to contraception would be a major issue in the campaign.

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