Actress Jane Lynch raves about White House visit

Lynch, who has become a pop-culture sensation with her role as Sue Sylvester on the hit Fox television show "Glee," also shared this video of Marine One lifting off from the White House lawn with her more than 700,000 Twitter followers.

The "Glee" star was at the White House for a "tour this morning and had a brief drop by at the Oval [Office] after that," said a White House official, according to pool reports.

Lynch was in Washington, D.C., to honor Norman Lear, creator of numerous popular sitcoms like "All in the Family," "Good Times" and "Sanford and Son," on his 90th birthday at The Kennedy Center on Thursday.

The event was presented by the People For the American Way, a liberal, First Amendment-rights organization, which was co-founded by Lear in 1981.

On Thursday, Lynch also shared a this picture of herself chowing down on some corn at the Bethesda Crab House, along with a message linking to the American Way Twitter feed.

The actress attended star-studded Obama fundraiser in Los Angeles earlier this month, as the president sought to capitalize on his recently announced support for same-sex marriage.

In May, she lent her voice to narrate a five-minute Obama campaign video, touting the president's "fight for LGBT rights."

"In 2008 our country elected a leader who not only acknowledged the LGBT community, but embraced it ... who counted us as friends," Lynch said in the video.

NBC Chicago reports that Lynch will co-host a $250 to $5,000 ticket fundraiser with first lady Michelle Obama in the Windy City next week.