Cosmetics company uses Biden gaffes to sell makeup

A cosmetics company is using Biden’s well-documented propensity for gaffes to help sell its line of camouflage makeup and concealers.

In a YouTube video posted earlier this month, a cartoon version of Biden says to a crowd in a riff off actual events, “We can win North Carolina again!” An audience member yells back, “You’re in Virginia!”

The crying VP cartoon then laments to an aide, “Barack told me to find a solution to my gaffe, or I’m gone!”

The staffer tells Biden that she has a solution, in the form of Smart Cover cosmetics, a concealer “that hides all sorts of imperfections like dark eye circles, age spots and even bad decisions.”

Biden uses the makeup to completely transform his look, first to that of GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, and then to his former Republican vice presidential opponent, Sarah Palin.

After making his face look like the former Alaska governor, Biden pokes fun at Palin's gaffe from 2008: “I know that we will be victorious in Russia — I can see it from my house.”