Booker: 'We're going to find ways' so people are able to vote

"Everybody knows the urgency. Everybody knows, especially when you have dense populations, and a lot of people are really reliant for medical reasons on power, that you get a sense of urgency to get this done," Booker said. "I don't have any more specific updates, I just do know that everybody from the federal, state, local level, that's one of the major missions today."

Booker also emphasized that it was important to stay home, noting "tremendous storm damage" throughout the city and state.

"There are many, many hazards in the streets, many downed power lines," Booker said. "So many flooded areas, and people [are] still principally important and we're asking people to stay home, to stay out of the way so power crews, emergency responders, and others can get their work done."