Hillary: Trump is obsessed with me

Hillary Clinton says Donald Trump is “obsessed” with her and that she’s not intimidated by the GOP presidential front-runner.

“I’ll tell you what,” Clinton, the Democratic White House hopeful, said with a laugh to Jimmy Fallon during a Thursday night appearance on “The Tonight Show,” “[Trump’s] a lot more obsessed with me than I am with him.”

When asked by the NBC late-night host whether Trump “intimidates” her, Clinton quickly replied, “No, no.”

“If I’m so fortunate to be the Democratic nominee — obviously I’ll run against whoever they nominate — but if it’s Donald Trump, it’ll be quite the, quite the showdown,” Clinton said.

Clinton, whose interview with Fallon aired shortly after the sixth GOP presidential debate on Fox Business Network wrapped up, said she doesn’t generally tune in for the live Republican match-ups.

“Usually I’m not home when the debates are going on. I have other things I’m out doing so I do try to catch up on them,” Clinton said, before quipping, “And I love to be able to fast forward.”

During the wide-ranging interview, Fallon also asked Clinton about failing to get enough shut-eye on the campaign trail.

“Lack of sleep, being fatigued is a big problem,” Clinton, 68, replied. She then recalled her days as secretary of State, which had her flying between different timezones. “I was so tired all the time, I was perpetually in a sleep deficit,” said Clinton. Sometimes while speaking or meeting with world leaders, Clinton said, “I’d be digging my fingernails into my palm to keep myself awake.”

“That’s one trick if you’re tired,” she advised.

Clinton also participated in a mock job interview with Fallon to try to become commander in chief.

“How’d you hear about the position?” Fallon deadpanned to the former first lady.

“Fourth grade social studies,” she responded.

Clinton described her strengths as being “tenacious” and “determined,” saying, “I’ve gotten results.” But what Fallon really wanted to know was whether she could type.

“I can in a pinch,” said Clinton.

“On a real keyboard, I can actually type with more than one finger. But on an iPhone, it’s hard. I’m still struggling.”

Clinton then fulminated against one particular iPhone feature: “You know what I really get annoyed by, is their spellcheck takes the word I’m trying to type, and totally throws it out and puts something else in that has no meaning. Then I have to start all over again!”