American Action Network launches web ads calling for deal on fiscal cliff

The center-right group American Action Network is launching web ads calling on lawmakers to "Fix the fiscal cliff," The Hill has learned.

The web ads, targeted at Capitol Hill staff and lawmakers, features former Congressional Budget Office Director Douglas Holtz-Eakin warning of dire economic consequences if Congress fails to reach an agreement to avoid going over the fiscal cliff.

"This isn't a media creation — this is a real threat to the American economy. Going over the cliff means a decline in GDP of nearly 5 percent. That's something that's agreed upon by business leaders, economists and even the Congressional Budget Office," he says in the web ad. "If we go over the fiscal cliff we have a recession and we will not get America's debt problems under control."

The last line seems designed to woo conservative Republicans who are hesitant to support any deal that doesn't preserve the major cuts to government spending the package known as the "fiscal cliff" includes.

Holtz-Eakin heads the American Action Forum, the AAN's policy-focused sister organization. He said months ago that Congress must act, and penned a Tuesday op-ed in the conservative National Review criticizing President Obama's approach to the issue.