Former Sen. Alan Simpson dances Gangnam Style to avoid the 'fiscal cliff'

Former Sen. Alan Simpson (R-Wy.) will stop at nothing to get his message of debt reduction out to the public, and that includes dancing "Gangnam Style" in the name of "fiscal cliff" awareness.

The former senator of "Bowles-Simpson" notoriety is featured in a Web video for The Can Kicks Back campaign to encourage young people to get involved in the ongoing fiscal debate in Congress.

Simpson, 81, one of the co-chairmen of President Obama's debt commission, offers some pointed advice for the millennial generation.

"Stop Instagraming your breakfast, and Tweeting your first-world problems, and getting on YouTube so you can see Gangnam Style," says Simpson before breaking out into his own version of South Korean musician PSY's hugely popular dance.

"[S]tart using those precious social media skills to sign people up on this baby," he says. "Three people a week and let it grow. And don't forget, take part or get taken apart, or these old coots will clean out the Treasury before you get there."

The video coincides with the launch of a "three-a-week" requirement challenge that runs through Obama's inauguration.

Simpson gives his most convincing performance at the end of the video, where he mimics some of PSY's signature dance moves.

"The lasso again, then the horse ... Ridin' the cowboys, ridin' the cowboys," he says in the video.