Gingrich's phone rings Abba during interview

The former House Speaker and GOP presidential candidate’s fave phone tune was heard as he sat down for a Wednesday interview with HuffPost Live.

As he answered a question from Huffington Post’s Marc Lamont Hill, a faint sound could be heard in the background. Gingrich laughed and said, “Let me just take that.”

Hill said, in mock shock, “I know we have 'fiscal cliff' stuff. I know we have tragedies. But the most important thing right now is — what ringtone is that?”

“Well, I have two ringtones,” Gingrich replied. “I have ‘Dancing Queen’ is my general ringtone for most people. And then my wife’s ringtone is ‘Super Trouper.’ We stay with Abba all the way through this particular experience.”

It’s not the first time Gingrich has been interrupted by the sounds of the ’70s Swedish pop sensation emanating from his phone. His phone rang with “Dancing Queen” at two separate stops on the presidential campaign trail in 2011 and earlier this year.

Gingrich said at the time, "My wife warned me this would happen.”

On Wednesday Gingrich recalled, “My phone used to go off in the middle of press conferences. Most political reporters were more intrigued with ‘Dancing Queen’ than whatever topic had come up that day, so what can I tell you?”