In new video, DCCC asks if Republicans can 'Kumbaya'

The video splices together clips of Republicans ranging from New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and New York Rep. Pete King to former Attorney General Colin Powell and Michigan Rep. Justin Amash, all criticizing the House Republicans or their leadership.

It includes King's now-infamous comments that "anyone who contributes one penny to the Republican congressional campaign committee should have their head examined," issued after the House failed to vote on a Sandy aid package.

Christie, too, expressed outrage after the House initially failed to act, and he's featured in the video charging that "there's only one group to blame for the continued suffering of these innocent victims: the House majority and their Speaker, John Boehner [R-Ohio]."

Amash, who was booted from a plum seat on the Budget Committee largely because he frequently refused to vote with his caucus, says in a news clip in the video, "Look, this is not the right way to run a conference."

The DCCC's video closes, in a nod to its opening question, with a shot of the words "Good luck with that."

The Web video comes as the House GOP heads to its annual retreat in Virginia, which this year is themed "Many Voices, One Conference." House Republicans plan to use the time to work out their differences in advance of the series of contentious negotiations surrounding the debt deal, sequestration and a budget that are coming up this year.

In response, Daniel Scarpinato, spokesman for the National Republican Congressional Committee, framed Democratic cohesion on issues as the true issue.

“It’s clearly all ‘Kumbaya’ for House Democrats – they all agree with President Obama and Nancy Pelosi that spending isn’t a problem, government should be bigger and the debt should be higher," he said.

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