Obama, Netanyahu are best buds in embassy cartoon

The video comes as Obama heads to Israel on Tuesday, for the first time and the first foreign travel of his second term, where he will seek to repair relations with Netanyahu and the broader Israeli public. A recent poll taken in Israel found just 10 percent of Israelis view the president favorably.

In the 53-second spot, the cartoon Obama and Netanyahu are portrayed to be on very friendly terms, shaking hands, smiling and chatting in an office.

"The bonds between Israel and the United States are unbreakable and the commitment of the United States to the security of Israel is ironclad," says Obama in the video.

A faux newspaper headline appears on the screen that states, "Bibi, Obama: US-Israel Relations Stronger Than Ever. But What's Up Behind the Scenes??"

The newspaper then fades into an imagined behind the scenes look at the heads of state smiling and shaking hands, while “The Golden Girls” theme song — "Thank You for Being a Friend" — plays over the scene.

A spokesman for the embassy told The Washington Post that response to the clip has been “phenomenal."

“It may not be what you see from a government but this is a way we can cut through and raise awareness,” said the spokesman.

The embassy hopes the video will get more people to focus on Obama's visit, reported The Washington Post.

Israel and the United States are “ultimate allies” whose “deep and multifaceted relationship is rooted in shared values and common interest," added the spokesman.