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Peres: 'America is not a chicken,' would strike Iran

"America is really looking for peace, but if somebody threatens peace, America is not a chicken," Peres told Fox News.

The Israeli leader said Obama's pledge Wednesday to do "what is necessary" to stop Iran from developing a nuclear weapon was precisely calculated, but with significant weight.

"From my experience, I know that an American president does not announce something by accident," Peres said. "So I would say about all presidents: they are very careful with their words because they have to keep the American credibility."

Peres added that "shooting is the last option," but said the United States was ready to use military force if necessary.

"Only if all of this [diplomacy] will not fly, then there must be another option," Peres said. "If there won't be another option, all the others don't exist."

On Wednesday, Obama said that American and Israel leaders "prefer to resolve this diplomatically."

"Iran’s leaders must understand, however, that they have to meet their international obligations," he continued. "And, meanwhile, the international community will continue to increase the pressure on the Iranian government. The United States will continue to consult closely with Israel on next steps. And I will repeat: All options are on the table."

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