Watchdog dedicates room to Stephen Colbert

CLC President and Colbert “personal attorney” (and frequent guest) Trevor Potter was on hand to unveil a giant portrait of Comedy Central’s “Colbert Report” host — the likes of which are typically reserved for congressional committee hearing rooms. The painting depicts Colbert holding his Federal Election Commission approval papers for his Colbert super-PAC.

The late-night funnyman raised nearly $775,000 with the founding of the Colbert super-PAC, which he started after the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision to lampoon the campaign finance system.

“I know Ham would love to be here today,” Colbert declared via video, “It’s just such a shame that I accidentally stabbed him 20 times and then threw his carcass to the dogs — all of which, by the way, is technically legal under Citizens United.”

Photos: Greg Nash

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