Kids question Gov. Christie on Obama, first lady

"Do you get to meet the president?" asked one of the kids.

"Yes, I've gotten to meet the president a bunch of times," Christie responded. 

"I used to know how many times in my head I had met the president, but now I've met the president so many times, I can't keep count anymore, so yes, I know President Obama really well and we worked really well together during the hurricane and he helped New Jersey a lot during the hurricane and I'm very grateful for all of the help he has given us," he said.

Christie, a possible White House contender in 2016, has been criticized by some conservatives for appearing too cozy with the president last year. 

Christie endorsed GOP candidate Mitt Romney for president, but toured the destruction in New Jersey with Obama and praised the president for his assistance. The storm hit the East Coast a week before Election Day.

The New Jersey governor on Wednesday visited the school, which had been closed due to flood damage and re-opened on March 11, reported Shore News Today.

Christie told the students that he, Obama and first lady Michelle Obama had dinner three weeks ago.

"I had dinner with his wife and she's very nice too. Mrs. Obama is very nice."

After a series of questions about the work of being governor, a girl in the classroom asked, "was the president's wife enchanting?"

"Was the president's wife enchanting? Yes, actually, she was. She's very smart and she's very nice and she was very nice to me during dinner," Christie said.