John Edwards's daughter doubts he'll seek public office again

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The 31-year-old daughter of the former North Carolina senator was asked on the "Today Show" whether a political comeback could be in her father's future.

“I doubt that,” Edwards said, adding, “highly.”

Edwards's political career went up in flames after it was discovered he fathered a child with his campaign worker, Rielle Hunter, while his wife, Elizabeth, was battling cancer. Elizabeth Edwards died in 2010.

In the sit-down with NBC, the former lawmaker’s daughter said she considers Frances Quinn, the now-3-year-old girl Edwards fathered with Hunter, a “part of our family.”

“She’s my sister, and she’s just a really sweet, innocent little girl.”

Cate Edwards, who now heads the Elizabeth Edwards Foundation, says she and her dad have “worked through” their issues and she has forgiven him.

She says of her 59-year-old father, “I still think there is good that he can do, and there’s still good he wants to do, but as a private citizen.”