Trump warns GOP moving too fast on immigration reform

“The Republicans are just absolutely rushing to do whatever they can to get out of the box they’re in,” Trump said on “Fox and Friends.” “They’re in somewhat of a box, or maybe they’re not and they think they are, and they’re going to make it possible for 11 million or 12 million illegals to become citizens." 

“I always warn them, I tell them all the time – they’re calling me and asking for my opinion – every single one of those 12 million people will be voting against the Republicans,” Trump added.

Despite a decline in illegal immigration, and Department of Homeland Security claims that the border is “as secure as ever,” Trump argued “we don’t have secure borders anywhere.”

The billionaire businessman and reality TV host said the United States should turn its focus to bringing in immigrants from Europe, whom he said were kept out of the country by onerous regulations.

“The borders are secure from Europe,” he said. “The fact is if you want to come in from Europe and become a citizen, and you’re not here illegally, and you go through the paperwork and the filing, you can’t get in.

“The other thing that really bothers me is if you go to Harvard, or you go to Yale, or you go to the Wharton School of Finance, and you’re the best student in your class and you’re from another country. So we educate you, you become a great student, and you’re a hard worker, the minute you’re finished they throw you out of the country, you can’t stay,” continued Trump.

Trump made similar comments at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) earlier this year, which earned him a sharp rebuke from the chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, who called the remarks “bigoted” and “borderline racist.”

In his CPAC speech, Trump called immigration reform a “suicide mission” for Republicans, and instead advocated for opening the borders to European immigrants, whom he described as “tremendous” and “hard-working people.”

“If you come from certain parts of the world and you want to become a great productive wonderful citizen of this country, it’s virtually impossible,” Trump continued on Monday. “Now if you’re an illegal and you’re here, they’re trying to find a pathway to citizenship. I can say this – the Republicans better be careful.”