Trump: China ‘taunting’ US over North Korean standoff

The real estate mogul said he believed the Chinese had "total control over the situation" but were opting against pushing their traditional ally North Korea to calm tensions with the South and U.S.

"They wouldn’t exist for a month without China. And I think China, frankly, as you know — and I’ve been saying it for a long time and people are starting to see that I’m right — China is not our friend," Trump said. "And frankly, I don’t know if they’re taunting us or what, but they could have this thing over quickly.”

North Korea said Monday it was pulling workers out of the joint industrial zone it operates with the South, after last week barring South Korean workers from the complex. On Sunday, the South Korean government warned that the North would attempt a missile test as soon as this week.

Trump called the provocations the latest in "years of abuse" from North Korea.

"I mean threatening us, ‘We’re going to set off a nuclear weapon tomorrow,’ " Trump said. "I’ve never heard of threats like this. These aren’t like threats, these are the worst."