Tagg Romney: Boston explosions a ‘cowardly attack’

“It’s such a horrifying and sickening event and it’s so sad for the city,” said Romney on CNN’s “Starting Point.”

“So many of us had loved ones who were that close, our prayers are with the victims and those who are suffering,” he added.

Romney said he had attended the Boston Red Sox game Monday morning and had been at the finish line of the Boston Marathon moments before two explosions went off, killing at least three and wounding scores.

“We had just hopped into a cab two or three minutes before the explosion happened and were on our way back home,” he said.

“All of us had family who were here, we had family who were running in the marathon and had just crossed the finish line a few minutes earlier.”

Romney predicted the city would bounce back quickly from the attack.

“Bostonians are resilient, they are going to come together. They messed with the wrong people,” he said.

Romney also spoke about the importance of the annual Patriots’ Day celebration to the city.

“Boston is all about sports and culture and history -- and this day is the convergence of those three things,” he said. “This day is like Christmas for Bostonians. Spring is here, the Red Sox are playing, the Bruins are playing, the Celtics are playing, you’ve got the marathon, it’s a celebration of independence.”