Uncle: Bomb suspects 'losers,' have shamed Chechen ethnicity

The suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing are "losers" with no religious or political motivation, their uncle said Friday.

The uncle, who identified himself as Ruslan Tsarni, said the brothers Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev would have no religious or political reason for carrying out the attack that they are accused of.

When asked what he thought motivated the suspects, Tsarni said, "Being losers."

"Anything else, anything else to do with religion, with Islam — it's a fraud, it's a fake," Tsarni said.

Police are still hunting Dzhokhar in the Watertown area of Boston. His brother, Tamerlan, died after a shootout with police on Thursday night.

Tsarni pleaded with Dzhokhar to turn himself in and "ask for forgiveness."

Tsarni is an ethnic Chechen and a Muslim, and said neither is relevant to the Boston attacks. Some reports have questioned whether the bombing suspects might have been tied to Chechen rebels.

"He put a shame on the entire Chechen ethnicity," Tsarni said of Dzhokhar, because the public now associates the bombings with Chechens.

He said the suspects had never been to Chechnya. They immigrated to the United States from Kyrgyzstan around 2003, Tsarni said.

"They've never been in Chechnya. This has nothing to do with Chechnya.”

Tsarni said he never liked the brothers.

"I didn't like them. I just wanted my family [to] be away from them," he told reporters.

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