Poll: Justin Timberlake top pop musician voters would like to see as president

The "SexyBack" musician led other top pop musicians, including Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Adele, when voters were asked which Top 40 star they'd most like to see as president.

Timberlake garnered 34 percent of respondents in the Public Policy Polling survey, besting Adele by 15 percentage points. (Neither are actually eligible for the presidency; Timberlake, age 32, is three years short of the Constitutionally-mandated age requirement, while Adele is a British citizen.) Beyonce rounded out the top three with 14 percent, while her husband Jay-Z was the selection of 9 percent of voters.

Lady Gaga (8 percent), Justin Bieber (8 percent, and ineligible as a Canadian), Chris Brown (5 percent) and Rihanna (2 percent) rounded out the group.

Timberlake already has one big fan in the White House — first lady Michelle Obama. Last month, Obama introduced Timberlake at a celebration of Memphis soul music and joked about understanding the audience's excitement.

"OK, let's breathe," Obama quipped. "Come on. Everyone, let's breathe, even the moms."