Trump: Inability to extradite Snowden is 'pathetic'

“Now nobody knows where he is, but we have to get him back and we have to get him back fast. They’re talking about it could take years, it could take months but maybe years: That would be pathetic,” Trump said.

The reality television host also suggested Snowden may have stayed in Russia to reveal additional secrets about American intelligence efforts.

“He’s revealing things that nobody thought possible, and I think he’s probably got stuff that’s far — that’s maybe why he’s staying in Russia. Russia’s very smart, and they’re probably getting every possible thing out of him,” Trump said. “They say, ‘Hey wait a minute, let’s not send him to Ecuador or wherever he’s going. Let’s immediately — let’s talk to him for a couple more days.’”

Trump also suggested a "swift and really strong" punishment of Snowden to prevent future intelligence leaks.

"This guy is a bad guy. And, you know, there is still a thing called execution,” Trump said.