Late night smash: Snowden, Biden draw laughs

Snowden, who is looking to evade an extradition order to the United States, has been at a Moscow airport for weeks. 

A top Russian lawmaker, Alexei Pushkov, chairman of the Duma’s international affairs panel, tweeted Tuesday that Snowden would accept asylum in Venezuela.

"Apparently this option appeared most reliable to Snowden," Pushkov tweeted.

Fallon also poked fun at Vice President Biden, asking viewers to pick real and fake Biden quotes. 

“Here's a quote from Joe Biden: 'I know I'm not supposed to like muscle cars, but I like muscle cars,'" said Fallon, citing a remark made by the vice president.

“Another quote from Biden said 'I also know I'm not supposed to eat glue, but I eat glue,’" he continued.

"I don't think that one's real," Fallon said to laughter.

Host Jimmy Kimmel marked the Fourth by showcasing children singing the Star-Spangled Banner, and getting the lyrics wrong.