Colbert asks Spitzer about his lack of 'self-comptrol'

“Given a position of this responsibility, should the job of comptroller go to someone who has show a modicum of 'self-comptrol?' " Colbert asked, earning applause and laughter.

Spitzer pivoted, saying he hoped to be judged "on the totality of the record," including his experience as state attorney general.

But Colbert kept the zingers flying.

“Why do you want this job? Because before you had your fall from grace — or whatever her name was — you were the governor of the state," Colbert said. "You were the governor! Aren’t you at one and the same time both above and below this job?”

Spitzer again attempted to turn the question into a broader discussion about the comptroller job, which oversees the pension system and budget for New York City. But Colbert remained relentlessly focused on his indiscretions.

“Before we go, one last question,” he said. “You know, you’re leading in the polls. You could win this thing. ... Do you think that it seems that voters are more forgiving than they used to be? Do you think that signals progress for our country, or the slow decay of our moral values?”

"Wow," Spitzer responded. "Wow."

“This ain’t Charlie Rose, motherf----r!” Colbert responded.

A survey from Quinnipiac University last week found Spitzer leading Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer 48-33 percent in the Democratic primary.