Scarborough: Sen. Cruz 'is a total train wreck,' 'completely ignorant'

“Ted Cruz comes in obviously so completely ignorant about the war that Tom Coburn has been fighting for 20 years,” Scarborough said. “To say something like this about Tom Coburn – Ted Cruz, he is a total train wreck.”

Scarborough scolded Cruz for comparing Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) to President Obama. 

“Morning Joe” regular Mike Barnacle said Cruz should be wary of stirring up a fight with Coburn.

“If I were little Teddy Cruz, I would be extremely cautious about getting into the ring with Tom Coburn,” Barnacle said. “Ted Cruz would end up being Kid Candle in that fight. One blow, and he will be out against Tom Coburn.”

The Daily Beast editor Tina Brown said Cruz is part of a new trend “about not the small government conservative, but the no government conservative."

She then compared Cruz to the Taliban.

"That is what Tom Cruz is a member of. This is the Taliban," she said.