Trump: If I were president, US would be in ‘a lot better shape’

Obama is scheduled to arrive in Martha's Vineyard, Mass., for his annual vacation on Aug. 10 and plans to remain on the island until Aug. 18. This week, though, the president is ramping up his economic messaging with a speech in Phoenix where he will unveil new housing proposals and a Web chat on Wednesday to discuss housing policy.

Trump entertained the idea of running for president during the 2012 election cycle but finally backed Republican nominee Mitt Romney.

Trump will travel to early-primary state Iowa to speak to religious conservative activists at the Family Leader’s second annual leadership summit this weekend, fueling early speculation of a 2016 presidential run.

But when pressed by host Greta Van Susteren on his political future, Trump was evasive.

“A lot of people are reading a lot of things into that,” Trump said. “I will say this in a very braggadocios manner: Tickets are going through the roof. Are you surprised by that, Greta?”