Woodward: ‘This isn’t Murdoch buying the Wall Street Journal’

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Bob Woodward expressed optimism Tuesday about Amazon.com billionaire Jeff Bezos’s purchase of The Washington Post, saying “this isn’t Rupert Murdoch buying the Wall Street Journal."

Appearing on MSNBC's “Morning Joe,” Woodward referred to Bezos as “one of the real innovators” and said the tycoon's vision, business acumen and “deep pockets” could greatly help the paper in the long term.

“If there's anything done inefficiently, it's the news business and so we need to be shaken up,” Woodward said. “I think he will do that.”

Woodward rejected comparisons to Murdoch's purchase of the venerable Wall Street Journal.

“This isn't Rupert Murdoch buying the Wall Street Journal,” said Woodward, the longtime Post reporter famous for helping break the Watergate scandal.

“This is somebody who believes in the values that the Post has been prominent in practicing and so I don't see any downside,” said Woodward, who is now an associate editor at the Post.

Pulitzer Prize winning Post columnist Eugene Robinson also appeared on the program, saying that “shock” was still the pervasive feeling in the Post's offices.

Ezra Klein, a colleague of Woodward and Robinson and the editor of Wonkblog, also expressed shock but shared Woodward's optimism, though he warned that the Post would have to navigate the many conflicts of interest that could arise from its owner also controlling one of the world's largest corporations.