Late-night smash: Obama aging, Washington Post sale

As Obama looked over the report, the boy told Obama his birthday was in August too.

“Well, how old are you going to be?’ ” Obama said to him. The kid responded: “Seven. How old are you?’”

When Obama told the boy he turned 52, he was stunned.

“Woah,” the boy said.

“Late Night” host Jimmy Fallon poked fun at Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos buying The Washington Post for $250 million.

“Bezos said the Washington Post and Amazon are two very different companies and he doesn’t plan on making any major changes to the newspaper,” Fallon said.

He then showed a fake Post headline in the style of an Amazon sale posting which read: “Anthony Weiner Continued to Send Illicit Texts… Using His Samsung Galaxy S4 ($629.99 With Free Overnight Shipping).”