House GOP freshman believes birther claims, but says it's time to move on

After clarifying that the woman was referring to Obama’s citizenship, Mullin said “I believe what you’re saying” and that the issue “probably” should have been more important in the 2012 campaign.

Mullin also said, though, that with Obama having been re-elected in 2012, further efforts to promote such “birther” claims were largely pointless.

“I believe [the citizenship issue is] still there,” Mullin said, “but my God, if we didn’t prove it the first four years, what do you think the chances are now?”

Mullin likened birthers to Christians who stand on street corners and shout Biblical verses at passing cars.

“I believe honestly that they’re Christian individuals, but let me ask you, are they doing any good? No, they’re not,” said Mullin.

Mullin indicated that with the birther argument having failed, it was time to “move on to some other issues.”