NRCC hits Barrow with second ad

The spot is backed by a small, $10,000 buy and will run in the Augusta media market. It targets Barrow on ObamaCare, riffing off comments Democratic Sen. Max Baucus (Mont.) made predicting that the coming implementation of the law would be an impending "train wreck."

"Congressman John Barrow: He's led us too far down the tracks," a narrator says.

Barrow is one of Republicans' top targets for 2014, as he's running for reelection in a district that's gone for GOP presidential nominees in recent cycles.

But he's consistently outperformed the Democratic president, and is currently facing two candidates he's defeated previously: Rick Allen, who lost the GOP primary for the seat last cycle, and John Stone, whom Barrow defeated by a wide margin in 2008.

This story was corrected on  Aug. 19 to reflect that Barrow is a Democrat.