Rand Paul: Young voters more concerned with privacy than regulations

Asked about Christie’s recent criticism of Libertarian-leaning politicians, Paul, who is firmly in that camp, described the remarks as “a big mistake for him.”

“We want young people to come to the Republican Party,” he said. “They don't have any money, so they're not too concerned with taxes and regulations. But they all have a cell phone and they're all on the Internet, and they are concerned about their privacy.”

“So, I think the Republican Party ought to be the party that -- that is concerned with, and wants to protect, your right to privacy,” he continued.

The two leaders have clashed over national defense and federal spending, beginning in July when Christie lashed out against libertarian-leaning politicians, saying that lawmakers who oppose National Security Agency surveillance programs had forgotten the tragedy of 9/11.

Paul then criticized Christie for using 9/11 to make a political point and for demanding so much Hurricane Sandy aid.

In one widely reported dust-up, Paul labeled Christie the “king of bacon” on CNN for the governor’s use of federal funds.

Both Paul and Christie are seen as potential GOP presidential candidates in 2016.