White House compares GOP to A-Rod

“It's a little hard to take their criticism seriously, considering their opposition to the law in the first place,” Earnest said. “I was telling some of my colleagues earlier this is akin to Alex Rodriguez complaining that the drug testing program that Major League Baseball has in place isn't sufficiently strict. It's just hard to take on its face ... it's difficult to take them seriously in their complaints.” 

On Tuesday, Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) blasted the White House for delaying caps to limit out-of-pocket insurance costs until 2015.

The delay means some insurers will continue to set their own out-of-pocket caps next year. The original policy, still set to take effect in 2015, limits consumer costs to $6,350 for individuals and $12,700 for families.

Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) called the delay a “desperate and shameful political move” in a statement of his own.

But Earnest emphasized that because of the law, “for the first time, every single American will have access to a health care plan that will limit their out-of-pocket medical expenses.”

“That means that never again will a family go bankrupt because somebody in their family got sick,” Earnest said.