RNC keeps focus on Clinton ahead of summer meetings

 The Republican National Committee (RNC) video says the networks should cover the pardon and clemency scandals in Clinton's term to give a full portrait of Hillary Clinton, a possible presidential contender in 2016. 

"I hope the networks remember to include these pardon and clemency scandals, since a true Clinton biopic wouldn't be complete without Clinton family wheeling and dealing,” said RNC Chairman Reince Priebus. "I look forward to tomorrow’s vote at the RNC Summer Meeting to prevent the committee from partnering with these biased networks in 2016 primary debates."

Hugh Rodham, Hillary's brother, was paid $400,000 in legal fees involving the pardoning of one businessman and the commuted sentence of a second man convicted of cocaine trafficking. Rodham returned the money under some pressure from the Clintons.

The RNC video is its fourth in a series of video attacks on Hillary Clinton's record. The attacks have also criticized CNN and NBC over the film projects. Those projects led Priebus to warn the two networks they could be banned from hosting 2016 GOP presidential debates.

The RNC's four-day attack on Clinton comes as the party looks to curtail a debate schedule it believes got out of control in the last presidential election. 

The move allows them to blast Clinton and hit the mainstream media to rev up the base while pushing through rules changes establishment Republicans believe will help their party's eventual nominee. Fewer debates mean less exposure for candidates without the funds to spend heavily on the air.